Tuesday, August 11, 2009

#8 Organic Espresso - Fremont by the Bridge

You know I'm fairly new to Seattle. I've only been here since the monsoon month of November last year. Driving around I quickly realized that there are so many coffee shacks and I find them all too cute. However, this week my kids are at music camp and we are in Fremont everyday. Wow - lots of coffee places there. Organic Espresso is where I visited today. No line, quick service and they even gave me a chocolate covered coffee bean which was placed on top of my lid. Just eat it quickly as it melted (coffee was hot!). If you're not into that "organic" stuff - I'm not quite there yet - these guys had a really tasty cup of joe. Maybe there is something to all that organic stuff?
Medium Drip with milk, $2.00

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