Thursday, July 23, 2009

#3 Could not find a new coffee shack in Plymouth, MA - what about a free donut?

Another great coffee day today (summer really needs to come!).. I could not find a new coffee shop so I went to a drive-thru Dunkin' Donuts. For all those interested, go to the link above with your receipt from Dunkin' Donuts, fill out the survey, and get a free donut. Why not? Use the donut to bribe your kids or loved ones.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

#2 America Runs on Dunkin Donuts

It's a perfect coffee day - cool and rainy. This Dunkin Donut shop is on 3A in Plymouth, MA just a few blocks north of MaryLou's. No trip to the east coast would be complete without a stop at Dunkin Donuts. It's legendary. Love it so much my sister-in-law brought me their grounds when she visited me in Seattle last month. Nothing cute or fancy about this shop - it's located in a strip mall by a grocery store. Good for plain 'ole coffee and donuts.

$1.52 Small Drip with cream

Monday, July 20, 2009

MaryLou's Coffee, Plymouth MA

Although the idea for this blog originated as I was driving the kids to Goldbar, Washington where we spotted a gal serving coffee in a polka dotted bikini at a drive-thru (kids were laughing!), apparently coffee huts are everywhere (is this news to anyone?). Perhaps I didn't notice them until I moved out west (For those of you who know me, sometimes I'm just plain slow). As my husband's old boss said "I always feel sleepy in Seattle. It's a place where nothin' ever dries out!" Everytime I see a coffee hut, I think about this statement and chuckle.

No one can miss the white house with black shutters and hot pink awnings - it's Mary Lou's Coffee Drive-thru off of 3A in Plymouth MA.

Under $2. A Small Iced Coffee in a plastic cup, with a pink straw (of course)

Why am I writing this blog?

It seems everyone has a blog about something.. family stories, baby stories, food blogs, more food blogs, travels etc. What else could we blog about that would be interesting to those out there that have nothing to do but surf the net and look for interesting things to read (I'm not sure if this actually counts as reading - it's like my kids reading a photo album during the designated "20 minute reading time"? Besides I have nothing else to do but find another computer project - we all know that work email, personal email, texting, Facebook, and Twitter is not enough (don't put housework on this list). Besides, I've always wanted to write a book - but this seems much easier and it's published right away! How's that for all of us who think patience is a thing of the past?

I've been in the Pacific Northwest for almost a year now and am amazed at all the coffee houses, huts, shacks and drive thru's that are readily available to the locals. How many have I been to already and how many more can I visit?

Let me share these places with you - check back here often for this adventure. I'm setting a goal of going to 30 different coffee "places" by this time next year! Not a lofty goal, but a goal nonetheless.


P.S. I'm really writing this blog because I am babysitting my sisters kids and her husband started a blog before they left, so I thought "Why not?" Kids are old enough to take care of themselves (but I still need to make sure there are no fires) and it's great entertainment, right?