Wednesday, March 10, 2010

#20 Lady Latte near Flower World

Cute red "Lady Latte" coffee shack located minutes from Flower World in Snohomish Washington. Good coffee and even got 2 coffee chocolate beans with my coffee. Yum!  Great day trip with my old neighbor who was already drinking a cup of warm tea.  Next time, we will have to stop at the Malby Cafe - it's got a great reputation for homemade food!

Monday, March 8, 2010

#19 Sugar Shack Espresso

Wow! Renton is full of these coffee shacks! This is the one I stopped at after the swim meet - just a short 5 hours in a high school pool while the sun was shining outside! This name says it all.. Stop by the shack when you're in the area and check out the plantings they use as decorations.

#18 Rev It Up

Rev It Up is in Renton, Washington. What a great name! On the way to a swim meet, I really needed some Java (after all there was no sleeping in this Saturday as swim meet warm ups started before 8AM). Counter gal was not overly friendly even the kids commented on her frown! Decent coffee. You gotta love the Christmas lights (click on the picture to get a close up) AND of course, the original tip jar!

Friday, March 5, 2010

#17 Amore Coffee

Amore Coffee is located in the Skate King Plaza. It was for sale about 6 months ago and I considered buying it but didn't really do anything about it. Whoever bought it added a cute deck, a new name with a nice red sign that can be seen down the block. Super nice workers and decent coffee.

Like most coffee shacks, they offer a coffee card - buy 9 drinks get the 10th for free. They even stamp it with a red heart. How cute is that!

I had an 8oz drip ~$1.50ish. Good especially since the day was rainy and grey.