Monday, July 20, 2009

MaryLou's Coffee, Plymouth MA

Although the idea for this blog originated as I was driving the kids to Goldbar, Washington where we spotted a gal serving coffee in a polka dotted bikini at a drive-thru (kids were laughing!), apparently coffee huts are everywhere (is this news to anyone?). Perhaps I didn't notice them until I moved out west (For those of you who know me, sometimes I'm just plain slow). As my husband's old boss said "I always feel sleepy in Seattle. It's a place where nothin' ever dries out!" Everytime I see a coffee hut, I think about this statement and chuckle.

No one can miss the white house with black shutters and hot pink awnings - it's Mary Lou's Coffee Drive-thru off of 3A in Plymouth MA.

Under $2. A Small Iced Coffee in a plastic cup, with a pink straw (of course)

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