Tuesday, August 25, 2009

#12 Dick's (not a coffee drive thru)

I just realized that there are lots of "drive thrus" in Seattle, hamburger ones that is. So this may turn into a hamburger / coffee drive thru - shack, whatever blog. Why not? Dick's was recommended by my sister who has been in Seattle for almost 3 years. Super easy to find, close to the U of W and smelled great! How cute is this place?

They have a really simple menu and people seemed friendly enough BUT unfortunately, they do no customization of burgers! Simply put, if you want a plain burger (nothing on it) you can't have it at Dick's. I was with my pregnant sister - in - law who just cannot stomach anything on a burger (not even a small bit of ketchup and mustard). I was also with my brother - in - law who has an allergic reaction (puke) to mayo or anything that might resemble mayo. We were so sad to leave Dick's but had to because they couldn't help us out! Perhaps the car companies could learn something from them? Less variation in their product pushes you to buy what's available? Well - we didn't. We drove right down to Kidd Valley on 50th Street and got just what we wanted. You're cute enough to come back - maybe next time Dicks!

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